We Now Accept Bitcoins!

Our online store now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Since we are huge fans of Cryptocurrencies we will be offering our customers a "Crypto Bonus!"

How does the "Crypto Bonus" work?

Anytime you make a purchase from our online store using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash you will receive a bonus of 200 free sweepstakes game entries for every $20 spent (per individual order).

To purchase Bitcoin (BTC) we suggest using Cashapp.


To purchase Bitcoin Cash (BCH) we suggest using any of the following wallets or exchanges:


Popular wallet options:

Bitcoin Wallet - bitcoin.com

Trust Wallet - trustwallet.com


Popular exchange options:

Coinbase - coinbase.com

Bittrex - bittrex.com

Gemini - gemini.com

Kraken - kraken.com


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What is Bitcoin?

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