We Now Accept Bitcoins!

Our online store now accepts Bitcoin Lightning and On-Chain Bitcoin(BTC). Since we are huge fans of Cryptocurrencies we will be offering our customers a "Crypto Bonus!"

*Please be aware that all of the products on the online store come with free sweepstakes game entries for your Homesweeper game account.

How does the "Crypto Bonus" work?

Anytime you make a purchase from our online store using Bitcoin Lightning or On-Chain Bitcoin(BTC) you will receive the following bonus (per individual order):

$20 purchase = 2000 free entries plus 200 bonus entries.

$40 purchase = 4000 free entries plus 500 bonus entries.

$60 purchase = 6000 free entries plus 700 bonus entries.

$80 purchase = 8000 free entries plus 900 bonus entries.

$100 purchase = 10000 free entries plus 1100 bonus entries.


To purchase On-Chain Bitcoin(BTC) or Bitcoin Lightning we recommend using either Cash App or Strike.

*To avoid delays we highly suggest using Bitcoin Lightning instead of the normal on-chain Bitcoin (BTC) payment method.

Learn how to purchase Bitcoin Lightning here: Bitcoin Lightning Checkout Tutorials


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