Major Update! (Jan 2023)

New Payment Options and New Games Available!

The online store is now able to accept both Visa and MasterCard payments.

(Quick update): The online store will no longer be accepting debit/credit cards.  Instead, it will be accepting cryptocurrency which can be sent via Cash App, Strike and Paypal.

For more info please see the following:

Cash App and Strike tutorials:

Paypal tutorial:


Just a reminder, all products sold on come with free sweepstakes game entries.  Additional bonus entries are available for those who use Bitcoin Lightning or on-chain Bitcoin(BTC) at checkout. Learn more here: Crypto bonus.


Also, we're now offering Fire Kirin within our gaming platform.

Use the coupon code: firekirin to receive 10% off your next purchase from the online store.

The biggest request we received from our players was to add Fire Kirin to our gaming platform.  So we did just that! We integrated Fire Kirin right into the Tiger games platform.

To access Fire Kirin all you need to do is log into If you are new and need an account you can register here:

Once you are logged into the Tiger games platform, you will be able to access Fire Kirin by either clicking on the Fire Kirin banner or the Fire Kirin tab listed within the menu.


Fire Kirin Banner:

Fire Kirin Menu Tab:

Fire Kirin Menu Tab

After clicking on one of those options, it will bring you to the following page.  This page will allow you to create your Fire Kirin account.  You will also be able to send your game entries to the Fire Kirin platform via this page:

*Please note: This page will tell you which of your game entries qualify as transferable.

Fire Kirin Sign Up

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