The online store is now hosted by an affiliate website.

All of the products on the online store come with free sweepstakes game entries for your Homesweeper game account.

Sweepstakes Game Entries Chart

  • $3 Royalty Free Image = 300 free game entries
  • $5 eBook = 500 free game entries
  • $10 eBook = 1000 free game entries
  • $20 Audio Book = 2000 free game entries
  • $40 Video = 4000 free sweepstakes game entries

Our online store now accepts Bitcoin Lightning, Bitcoin, Tether and USDC. Since we are huge fans of Cryptocurrencies we will be offering our customers a "Crypto Bonus!"

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*Please note that it may take up to 90 minutes after completing your purchase to receive your free sweepstakes game entries depending upon the volume of customers we are assisting and the time of day.  You will receive an email notification once the free sweepstakes game entries have been added to your game account.