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In this article were are going to discuss a few topics involving store credit gift cards. This will include how to receive them, where to use them, and the rules involved with them.

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When you use the "Redeem and Buy" option your winnings are converted into store credit.

In the screenshots below you will see the Redeem and Buy button:

Redeem Options 2

Once you click the "redeem and buy" button you will see the following:

Redeem Successful

The "redeem and buy" option allows you to convert your winnings into free sweepstakes game entries instantly. This means that as soon as you hit the "redeem and buy" button free sweepstakes game entries are instantly added to your game account.

  • Since you receive your free sweepstakes game entries instantly with the "redeem and buy" option you will not receive additional free sweepstakes game entries when you decide to use your store credit gift card, for our in-store products, at a later date.


Also, every time you use the "redeem and buy" option your winnings are converted to store credit which is then added to your store account. Homesweeper's account software will keep track of the total amount on your account.


To find out how much store credit is currently on your store account you will need to email us at or you can fill out the request form at the bottom of this page.

Please keep in mind that once you have used the redeem and buy option you have 30 days to request your store credit gift card.  Store credit gift cards will expire after 30 days.

Once we receive your request we will tally up your store credit and send you a gift card equivalent to that amount. These gift cards can be used in our online store. The screenshot below shows you where to type in your gift card code on the checkout page:

Enter Gift Card

You are limited to one gift card code per shopping session. 

*If a store credit gift card is used to purchase a product from our online store that product will NOT qualify for free sweepstakes game entries.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Store Credit Request Form

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